Live To Your Potential And You Will Prosper

Economic fears got you in a Fight, Flight, or Freeze position? As I was sitting in my office today a past client and dear friend came by. She came from across the country to do some business in town and felt she just needed to stop by to say hi. Let me give you a […]

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Life Lessons: You Always Get What You Give

On this first day of December and after a great Thanksgiving Holiday I hope I can keep this peaceful feeling I am having throughout the rest of my life. The reason I am in an extra sensitive mood is I just came back from my Aunt Jenny’s funeral. And what a wonderful 85 years she […]

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Life Is Beautiful When You Find Who You Are

I went for a drive out into the country today and noticed the horses calmly standing in the sun. It reminded me of my younger years growing up in the ranching business. The days were long, hard, and the work was never ending. While I’m working my tail off, the livestock just watch me having […]

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