Self Discovery: Releasing Your Inner Caveman

Are You a Victim of Your Inner Caveman?

Are You a Victim of Your Inner Caveman?

As I got to the office this morning I needed to fax some papers and found the fax machine in an extra finicky mood. It was too greedy; it kept trying to gobble up the entire stack of 9 pages at one time causing a paper jam.

And try as I might to solve the problem I found myself entertained with how the fax machine is just like one of my sons. Just a few nights ago my son came home from playing basketball with a few friends and was so hungry when he got home that he made himself a stack of peanut butter and honey sandwiches.

Now I have to tell you that when this son is having peanut butter and honey sandwiches it is more of a ritual than preparing a meal. He has traditionally had at least one peanut butter severing every day.

In fact we have teased him that when he is threw growing up he will look just like the planters peanut man with a hat and a cane. He has it on ice cream, on pancakes, in sandwiches and without fail daily.

Well on this particular day he was very hungry and had made 3 very large sandwiches, he had the peanut butter ½ in thick and the honey was pretty close to the same. But it wasn’t the quantity or the quality of the sandwiches this day but the speed that he was eating them.

Now this is not new for him because I have done the Heimlich maneuver on him on two different occasions. And yet his inner caveman says I need to eat very fast.

Well just like the fax machine he got all jammed up. He laid there on the couch for about 1 hour moaning over the pain and then the jam came out and just like with the fax machine the jam needs to come out backwards.

This might be a simple thing for you to fix in your life, not to eat too fast or too much at one time but I know the truth, that everyone and I mean everyone has an inner caveman living inside.

The cave man might overpower you when it comes to food, it might overpower you when it comes to patience, and it might even overpower you when it comes to love. But the caveman in you is waiting to take charge of that thing in your life that teaches you about yourself.

And the interesting thing is that I can’t tell you how many times myself and his mother has recommenced to slow down and chew his food. But in the end, just like all youth they will always need to learn on their own.

But ask yourself, if you are paying attention to what you are trying to learn, were does your Neanderthal comes out in you. The interesting thing about the inner creature is sometimes you cant even tell that it is there teaching you and when others tell you about the weird stuff you are doing that you simply feel it cant be true. But in reality you have seen others expose the inner Neanderthal and say boy they are weird. You might even point out to the person what they are doing and they deny it.

But unlike the fax machine, you can’t through away the over eating giant within, but learn to accept the lesson so the beast can be loved into safety and then into a trusting place, because if you try to discipline the inner you by ignoring or chastising yourself, your ultimate outcome will also be a chocking experience hoping someone can help you with a Heimlich maneuver to get out the bad stuff stuck in your life.

All ancient wisdom from every culture teaches of inner discovery for inner peace or joy and self satisfaction. Learn to master your inner self by accepting, then loving then teaching yourself and others to do the same. Because when you become the teacher your ability to understand becomes understood.

And self discovery is by far easier than the Heimlich.

Your Life Strategist

Jeff Allen


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