Self Discovery: Releasing Your Inner Caveman

As I got to the office this morning I needed to fax some papers and found the fax machine in an extra finicky mood. It was too greedy; it kept trying to gobble up the entire stack of 9 pages at one time causing a paper jam. And try as I might to solve the […]


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Following The Footsteps of Life: Where Have You Been?

Our first snow in Boise came today and as I walked up to the office door and looked back at the parking lot, I thought about the foot prints and how one can never really fake their life. The place our feet have walked tells more about who we are that any amount of words […]

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Life Lessons: You Always Get What You Give

On this first day of December and after a great Thanksgiving Holiday I hope I can keep this peaceful feeling I am having throughout the rest of my life. The reason I am in an extra sensitive mood is I just came back from my Aunt Jenny‚Äôs funeral. And what a wonderful 85 years she […]

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