What is the Identity Profile?

The Identity Profile is the most in depth personality profile that evaluates you at three different levels. It will teach you how your innate personality differs from your imprinted personality.

It is the age old conversation, is our personality nature or nurture?

Well I'm here to tell you that it is both.

Yes you do have both personalities, but now you have the ability to discover where your feelings come from. Are they from your innate personality the one nature gave you or is it from your imprinted personality the one nurture gave you?

Then there is the intending personality, this is the one that makes decisions and plans for the future. It is the personality that we should use to choose what our occupation is.

It is also the personality that you will use to change the old negative programs in your head causing sabotage. With this personality you will be able to run your life in a way that every one will see your winning personality.

And after you complete the test and with a little time studying it, you will be able to understand what motivates you, how you commonly interact with others, and how you can become the success you know you can become.