Jeff Allen is President of Coaching Clarity, an executive business and life-purpose coaching company that Jeff founded in early 2000. As an accomplished inventor, Jeff also founded a small company in 2002 that is dedicated to the development of products in the holistic health market.

Jeff started his first business at the age of 19 consulting in animal nutrition, which he did successfully for 8 years. During this time he started to develop and patent various water treatment technologies. His inventions in industrial water treatment allowed him to start and develop multi-million dollar companies in California, Texas, and Idaho. His roles in these companies have allowed Jeff to gain vast experience in leadership, sales, and communication.

Throughout his life, Jeff has also had a passion for personal development, and helping others achieve their potential. In his passion, he has experienced and studied some of the most well known personal development programs and professional trainers in the U.S. Yet through all his training and studying, Jeff felt there was a more efficient and effective way to create a truly satisfying life. Putting his inventive nature to task, Jeff has spent several years to develop the most effective process to generate permanent change. As a dynamic facilitator, Jeff integrates a wide range of methods to create the most advanced experiential processes available. His insightful nature and results oriented approach will give participants the best method for creating passion and purpose in their life.

Jeff is also an accomplished presenter that will stir emotions into results. While listening to Jeff speak, one can laugh out loud while taking a personal look at how to apply skills into their life and begin a new drive for excellence.

The integrity and sincerity in which he conducts himself encourages his clients to explore their thoughts and belief systems. Jeff literally shakes up people’s lives and establishes a non-judgmental arena for individuals to define their own values. Jeff is well versed in philosophical and religious doctrine; with this knowledge, Jeff is able to work within people’s frame of reference, honor them and help them define their destiny. Once a person identifies who they are, and their purpose, their lives become a pursuit of leadership of both self and others.