Develop your Own Personal
Secret to Success.

In one short evening you will have a whole new perspective on personal development and what it means to have a personalized process that will reprogram your thoughts, and actions, to create what you truly desire in life.

I don't care if you've read one or one-hundred self-help books, the end result has likely been the same. You probably felt very excited about life for a couple days, maybe a week, but ultimately found there was still something missing; something deep within still didn't have the satisfaction you were ultimately seeking.

The self-help books present a lot of really good information, but they don't explain how YOU apply it... because they DON'T KNOW YOU. Most often the process explained in any self-help program works well for the developer, but that is not who YOU ARE.

In reality, your brain is "wired" uniquely different than everyone else's. That means there are specific methods that work best for you to create more clarity in your life, build more confidence, and be fueled by more motivation than you've ever experienced.

But... to know your specific methods you need to have a complete understanding of who you are.

The Free Event you are about to register for will teach you about YOU and how all the "Laws of Success" personally apply to you.

Register now and get access to the Identity Profile at no cost. The Identity Profile is an advanced personality test that is unmatched by any self-analysis tool anywhere. By identifying three different levels of awareness (or thinking styles) the Identity Profile is so much more than a "personality" test, it is a powerful and dynamic tool to help you unleash the full potential you hold.

You'll also discover many other priceless wonders at the Free Event, such as...

  • What truly motivates you in life and how to nurture that motivation
  • The programs you learned as a child, which ones are helping -- and which ones are holding you back
  • Quick strategies that you can use to triumph over your sabotage programs
  • How to communicate best with those closest to you
  • Why it is crucial for you to know and understand all three levels of thinking and how to use those to your advantage
  • How to stop the struggle and start doing what you need to do to succeed (many of which you're not even aware you are already doing!)
  • Why your brain literally shuts down, and how to avoid this
  • Find your most passionate interest and use it to be successful at anything--
  • And much, much more...

Register Below for a Free Workshop

Location Date Details
Logan, UT April 3, 2009 at 7PM 880 S. Main (Bobby Lawrence Karate Studio)