The True Power of Intention

I don’t know about you but the warm weather this fall and the early part of winter is beginning to cause a concern. It makes me think about global warming or the other truth that the ocean floor is heating up. But it all being the same this winter is starting off as a warm […]


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Following The Footsteps of Life: Where Have You Been?

Our first snow in Boise came today and as I walked up to the office door and looked back at the parking lot, I thought about the foot prints and how one can never really fake their life. The place our feet have walked tells more about who we are that any amount of words […]

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Life Without Fear: Living With Intention

Are you looming in the shadow of the economic fear? Or are you feeling a little or maybe even a lot panicked about the economy? Is there a tightening in the chest or a lump in the throat? Is there a pain in the pit of your stomach? Well if there is; join the crowd […]

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