Life Without Fear: Living With Intention

Fear is the lack of knowing

Fear is the lack of knowing

Are you looming in the shadow of the economic fear? Or are you feeling a little or maybe even a lot panicked about the economy?

Is there a tightening in the chest or a lump in the throat? Is there a pain in the pit of your stomach?

Well if there is; join the crowd of fear motivated mindsets.

The Chicken Little syndrome of the sky is falling is one that consistently prevails in the twilight zone of the unknown.

Can you hear the music? …do DO do DO do DO do DO…

A definition of fear that I like to use is to be trying to understand or describe the unknown. For example, what is death, or what is war, or what is leaving, or what is tomorrow going to be really about.

And it is real easy to find yourself in the twilight zone wondering how that might be.

As you can see, fear is in the unknown.

I had a client say “fear can just be fear,” but in his example he was in a small boat trying to get to shore from his fishing boat off the coast of Alaska.

He said the waves were over 30 feet, it was pitch black in the middle of the night and could only see the shore when they were at the top of the waves.

He said now that was fear, and I asked the question. “If you knew that the small boat was going to make it to shore safely would the ride full of fast ups and downs with flashes of excitement have been considered fun and enjoying?”

I have to tell you in reality all fear is the lack of knowing.

And so in this process of life there are two ultimate opposing forces that drive each and every decision in our lives. One is fear motivation and the other is love motivation.

You know the feeling of fear but do you know the feeling of love motivation. Or even the meaning of love motivation.

As you can see if fear is the lack of knowing and fear is the opposite of love then love motivation is the knowing of your future and knowing it with passion.

It is the volume of passion involved in your effort that will give evidence to the amount of love that is involved.

A great phrase that I like to use is “Let Go and Let God.”

That is to say, let go of the past fear and trust that your tomorrow is safe. But without an understanding of clear and present safety the brain will naturally start wondering and worrying about the unknown.

Those that choose to go through life without setting an intention or clear and focused goals will always find themselves wasting valuable time on the unknown.

Remember that intention reinforced through well-placed and repeated affirmations is the best way to overcome the unknown. A well place affirmation in our lives often will remind us of the truth and hold our intention and goals in alignment to our purpose.

Make sure that when writing an intention it fulfills your inner desires and is not a shallow wish to keep up with the Joneses. Intention statements only satisfy the inner you to overcome the unknown.

For example if you were to think for one moment that a car or a new house would cause you to feel safe then you simply want something for nothing.

The real intentions of life are to remind yourself in gratitude of the joy you presently experience.

For example if you are living in a rundown old house that causes you to feel fear of rejection then set intention or repeat affirmations of having joy in your beautiful house.

Well this is when the magic shows up, when the inner you really gets the feeling of joy in your beautiful house. And boom you start feeling joy and feel blessed for it. The energy becomes contagious and the local builder shows up on your doorstep with the keys to your new house.

But I must say the emotion must come first because if you are intending to find joy with out a new house that is truly what you will find.

Let me give you one more example, a client of mine needed $100,000 dollars to invest in a very limited offering into a software company that was guaranteed to increase his investment as much as 100 times.

He had been working for over two months hoping to get the money put together in time before the offering was closed. He contacted me with the hopes of me helping him through the process.

He came to my office and spent a few hours with me. We then spent a few more hours on the phone and just like magic or as though the universe was waiting to hear the message the money showed up overnight.

Stay on purpose towards your goal and you always become a leader in any army. But those that are looking for the sky to be falling will always find the evidence to prove their view to be correct.

What you see is what you get so look for the abundant life because that is the only way you can ever get there.

Your life strategist Jeff D. Allen

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