Following The Footsteps of Life: Where Have You Been?

Where has your life taken you?

Where has your life taken you?

Our first snow in Boise came today and as I walked up to the office door and looked back at the parking lot, I thought about the foot prints and how one can never really fake their life. The place our feet have walked tells more about who we are that any amount of words that could ever be used to describe our personality.

For example; there have been many devoted people in life but if you say Mother Teresa or Gandhi you get a whole new picture of devotion. The most beneficial approach to taking a look at where you have been is through the eyes of accountability. Through the eyes of a forgiving soul that is willing to look at the past a perfect method to learn your life lessons.

A phrase I use often in my classes is, “You never deserved all the negative things that came in your life but at some level you asked for it.”

I have a basic belief that the energy of the Universe that we live in was organized in a way that everything has a purpose. And I mean everything – because God is a God of Mistakes or Miracles.

And I choose to believe that God works Miracles. In doing so, God does everything through love and not force. So each event that takes place in our life we ask for at some level of spiritual growth.

Let me give you an example; my mother took me to a church social as a child. As we entered the doors to the gathering hall she grabbed me by the hair and quietly scolded me while yanking my hair. She gave me specific orders to stand very close to her the entire meeting.

Now I have to tell you I did not deserve to have my hair yanked or scolded like that but I had been asking for it. Just think what a 4 year old boy was doing 1 hour before leaving the house, what was I doing in the car and what had I done coming in the building.

Now if I would have chosen the easy button I could have heard the first warning but do to my stubbornness or lack of willing to listen I took the hard button.

The same is true in all aspects of life, everyone knows today that going to college gains more income and a better life but many still don’t go to college. No one deserves to live a life in poverty but they commonly ask for it.

Now I know some might be reading this thinking what about those that die at birth or have terrible things happen to them? Well the same is true, if you completely trust that the universe is divinely operating then at some level- (probably spiritual) the combined effort of all involved in the terrible thing becomes the lesson of having hair yanked.

Now before you get to shocked can I ask you a question? If the only way to find the love of God is to do drugs and spend your life in prison is doing drugs wrong?

I have to remind you we all have an easy button or a hard button and I think going to jail is the hard button but if that person could have learned another way they would have.

To make your life simpler by being accountable – be accountable on how you are going to make tomorrow better based on your lessons of life. You always get what you give at the true bottom of your intention.

The foot prints that you have placed in life can tell you where you have been and how you choose to learn you lessons. It is now time to choose the easy button by choosing to learn an easier way.

Living a life filled with intention will remove your fear. Fear is the lack of knowing and Intention is trusting your outcome.

Your Life Strategist

Jeff Allen

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