Live To Your Potential And You Will Prosper

Live To Your Potential And Prosper

Live To Your Potential And Prosper

Economic fears got you in a Fight, Flight, or Freeze position?

As I was sitting in my office today a past client and dear friend came by. She came from across the country to do some business in town and felt she just needed to stop by to say hi.

Let me give you a little back ground on this wonderful woman. She is a power house in the world of media. She came with a word of encouragement and perseverance because of the national financial position we have found ourselves in.

She was talking about how the next 5 years the price of oil would become outrageous and jobs would become almost nonexistent. But her message was not doom and gloom it was one of positive change. (Boy did she take on her life strategy training)

In fact with her constant high energy, she was consistently giving ways to look at life through in a positive way. She was not falling into a free fall of despair of not knowing what is going to take place in the future.

She commented that her company was struggling to make pay role and keep people encouraged. She said that the United States might become an agriculture based economy for survival in the near future.

And again “what you see is what you get” if you see the future as an economic tragedy and that Mad Max is ready to shoot you for your food you are in fear. You are living a life in fight, flight, or freeze.

But on the other hand if you are motivating yourself and others to become the best that everyone can be. You will never go without a strong network of support; and you will find yourself at the top of the heap after this storm blows over.

Yes this storm will simply blow over, the sun will come out and the birds will sing. The truth is no one knows how long the storm will last, or how much erosion will take place during the storm.

But those that meet the storm mentally and emotionally prepared will find themselves emerging out of the mist with a stronger conviction of who they are. More importantly – those that engage by intending to be prosperous during the storm with like minded people will come out with a new social and financial strength needed for a life filled with success.

Live to your potential, and you will prosper. Live to your fear, and you will fail.

Your Life Strategist

Jeff Allen

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