What You See Is What You Get

My constant companion thought: “What You See Is What You Get” comes up today in a large sense.

I am in the process of closing down a business that could not generate enough clients to cover labor and overhead with the down-turn of the economy.

With all the turn of events and watching how all the players in the business are playing their game; it becomes clear how they are seeing what they are getting.

Some of the employees are seeing that the end of the world is close at hand and others have already found a new job that pays more than they were making before.

In the book “Who Moved My Cheese” some are still standing in the cheese room wondering how to find cheese in an empty room. But the ones that are running around looking for a better way have already found one.

Today my client had a beautiful class. The beginning of every class I ask the participants to share their wins.

You might be asking what a win is. Well a win is something you desire to improve in your life and what you did to make the change and to describe what happened.

The brain is designed to protect you from pain so it will naturally cause you to think about pain and how to avoid it. And your brain is just like riding a bike, what you focus on is where the bike will go. So if you are focusing on the negative in your life you will constantly drive your life right into the negative.

And negative thoughts always become negative people. So to train your mind on how to create wins and to share your wins will create positive thoughts to become successful people.

My client has had many wins just in one day. But the one that is the greatest for him at this time is that the $100,000 that he needed to start his business was not only deposited in his bank but an opportunity to use that money in a different way became available.

Well now his business plan has changed from a simple start up to investing in a special fund that will allow him to become active in an internet business that will generate much more than just a living to a financially free lifestyle.

Really “What You See Is What You Get” and I have to tell you that my client has a good vision for his life.

Your Life Strategist Jeff D. Allen

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