The Most Advanced
Personal Development Training

The ONLY life strategy development course
designed specifically for you.

Are you ready to take life to the next level? No matter what stage you are at in life, you know it is time to step off the plateau and into a new world of opportunity. The opportunity has always been there waiting for you, now let us help you reach out and take control of it.

The Life Strategy Series of trainings are advanced, personalized trainings designed to unleash your raw, innate power and transform your life with your own, unique success plan.

Experience the several advanced processes that will reprogram your brain to eliminate self-sabotage and instill success driven programs that are in alignment with who you are.

This is a very unique training that adapts to each persons unique personality; something you will not find anywhere else.

"The awareness I now have about myself is so much greater than anything I have experienced in the past. I feel more confident, I am setting my goals much higher because I now know that the experiences I desire are obtainable by keeping my intentions clear and by being focused on the task at hand."
~L. Jenkins, Idaho Falls, ID

"I have seen a great deal of change in my life, mostly in the way I think and feel about myself. This course is about me! Even though this is a class room setting it’s as if you are taking a one on one class."
~K. Patterson, Blackfoot, ID

"Probably the most beneficial thing I learned was loving myself so I could more fully love others to improve my relationships."
~K. Stratford, Logan, UT

"I am more aware of me and how to pay myself, so I have more to give."
~S. Wilson, Logan, UT

"I've been fascinated to learn about my innate color. I realize that its ok for me to embrace and be happy about my personality traits and I don't have to be the traits of some other color."
~V. Craw, Logan, UT

"Go with what your strengths are, be who you truly are. And if you are true to who you are... Life is Good!"
~J. Thomas, Eagle, ID

"This has changed the way I look at everything in life -- business, family, and self."
~J. Hunsperger, Boise, ID

"I've studied every success program out there -- literally. For years I read every self-help book available. This information took everything I had learned, and then some, and finally made it all personally applicable in my life."
~D. DeHaas, Boise, ID


Ready for a change,
but not a large investment?
Start Here!
Package #1:
Two Week Life Strategy Fundamentals

What would it feel like to completely Trust that Life is on Your side? Let me answer that for you... it is like having every imaginable door of opportunity opening before your very eyes on a daily basis.

This class is the foundation to everything you are and everything you want to become. You will how to get the most out of your full potential and how to master the relationships in your life —both personal and professional.

  • Personalized Identity Profile Report
  • Downloadable recordings of both classes
Package #2:
Advanced 7 Week Life Strategy Transformation

Includes the 2 week Fundamentals class PLUS a 5 week advanced training to reprogram the brain. Learn the optimum techniques for your personality to set and achieve goals, write affirmations, and re-write your programs for true success.

Includes everything in Package #1, plus:
  • Weekly downloadable reprogramming exercises and build a new neural network
  • Access to online interactive lessons
  • Unlimited email access to Jeff
  • Downloadable recordings of each class
Best Value
Package #3:
The Ultimate Transformation Package

Includes the Life Strategy Transformation (Pkg #2) PLUS a 2-Day Weekend Intensive training on advanced techniques to identify counter-intention programs, and reprogram the brain for maximum success.