Go beyond Affection, Sensuality,
Infatuation -- Even Romance… and Experience
True Love in your Relationship

If you have been in a committed loving relationship for any length of time, or if you are single and want to develop your individual capacity for participating in the love affair of your dreams, then read on to learn more about expanding your consciousness and your ability to love in a deeper, healthier manner.

Dear Friend,

I have some powerful information I want to share with you about developing a relationship filled with trust, open communication, rich intimacy, and common dreams. ...in a nutshell, True Love!

When I first started my coaching practice, I primarily worked with small business owners and executive management. I focused entirely on leadership skills, management training, and business strategy.  Not long into my practice, however, clients started asking to bring their spouse in for a session or two.

And that’s when the light turned on… CLICK!

The performance and productivity of my clients were strongly tied to the strength of the relationship at home. The more we focused on building a stronger relationship with their spouse, the greater my client’s business would perform.

And the business was not the only thing that improved!

Suddenly these couples were finding amazing success in ALL areas of their life. They started making more money. Their kids began behaving better; excelling in school and extracurricular activities. They started finding more time for family activities, and experienced a whole new level of peace in their home.

Before long couples were showing up at my office wanting to specifically focus on enhancing their relationship, or in some cases, saving it.  There were couples of all ages and dynamics, from recently engaged, to 40 year marriages, and everything in between. I found myself doing as much relationship coaching as I did business coaching.

As I watched my clients, and listened to their stories week after week, I began to see how the information and processes that I had been sharing with them had greatly improved their relationships and I suddenly realized I hadn’t been implementing these priceless gems into my own relationship!

I’ve been married for over 26 years now, and I can tell you without a doubt that the past 5 years have been so much richer and more rewarding than all the previous years combined. I learned to understand my wife in a way that I could have never understood before… And I can help You do the same.

Infuse Your Relationship with More Love and Understanding

After working with couples on a wide range of topics, some in areas of great conflict and others in areas where they simply wanted to improve in their relationship, I’ve finally gathered and bundled all the important CRITICAL bits of information to take your relationship to a deeper, more intimate, and passionate connection… more than you even thought possible.

What Would It Be Like To Experience:

  • Receiving more of the kind of love YOU want... and deserve!
  • Having your spouse understand where you are coming from, and why you feel the way you do.
  • Communicate your feelings clearly so you both understand.
  • Discussing difficult topics WITHOUT confrontation.
  • Feel like you are part of a committed team working towards common goals.
  • Sharing your most intimate thoughts and feelings, and feel completely safe doing so.

If you would like to enjoy a greater experience in any one of these areas, then you’ll absolutely want to take advantage of …

“Developing True Love in Your Relationship”

This training is actually so powerful that I’ve turned it into a 3-part program; giving you more information, insightful exercises, and rewarding discovery about you, your spouse, and the dynamics of your relationship.

If you are serious about enhancing your relationship and experiencing the True Love you desire -- and ultimately build greater success in all areas of your life -- then secure your copy now!

This Training is NOT about:

  • Giving up who you are to relieve tention in the relationship.
  • Cheesy date-night ideas that neither of you would actually enjoy anyway.
  • Simple romantic evenings that fizzle out the next day.
  • Insisting on staying up all night to resolve a disagreement.
  • Trying to relive your honeymoon phase (although it may show up)

This Training IS about discovering:

  • What your relationship is motivated by, and how to nurture it.
  • What motivates love in your spouse, and its reciprocating effects.
  • Learn about the most powerful way to experience intimacy.
  • How to communicate without being angry.
  • Why we marry our opposite, and the advantages of doing so.
  • And much, much more…

In fact, here is the outline for “Finding True Love in Your Relationship”

Part 1 – Rock Solid Foundation

On Day 1 you'll begin with building a solid foundation around your relationship:

  • Understanding your spouse and his/her quirky ways.
  • Communicating to your spouse -- "Can you hear me now?"
  • Help your spouse understand you and where you're coming from.
  • Gain an understanding of what love means to each of you.
  • Understand how you give and receive love.

Part 2 – United in Purpose

On Day 2 you will create clarity, get focused, and align your desires.

  • Become conscious of the fear-incentive loop, understand how to break the loop, and begin establishing True Love in your relationship.
  • Get clear about where you are at in your relationship.
  • Get focused on where you want the relationship to go.

Part 3 – A Co-Creating Experience

Now that you understand the dynamics of your relationship and how high you want it to soar, Day 3 you’ll:

  • Define your game plan to reach your goals.
  • We’ll also talk about intimacy and understanding each others desires.
  • Discuss the power of a co-creating relationship and learn the tools and methods to continue a life long journey of united growth and accomplishment.
  • ...and leave you experiencing True Love in Your Relationship.

Other relationship trainings and workshops cost several hundreds, even thousands of dollars, and they speak only in general terms related to one or two types of relationships. This 3-part program goes far beyond, by discussing the many dynamics of relationships and talks specifically to the unique relationship between you and your spouse. You will learn more about you, your spouse, and the intricate dynamics of your relationship at such a deeper level… AND at a fraction of the cost.

All this empowering information is available to you through immediate download once your order is processed.

Trust me, you'll want to keep this information as a resource to reference back to time and time again.

OK, Here's How to Get
"Developing True Love in Your Relationship"...

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No questions, no hassles, no hard feelings. You must be completely thrilled, or I DON'T want your money!

Plus... you can still keep the material!

Please understand... I'm assuming ALL the risk and putting myself on the line for you.

That being said, I know that once you experience "Developing True Love in Your Relationship ", you'll be be blown away at the Quality and Quantity of information.

(Remember, I’m SO sure of it that I’m offering you a 30 Day Money Back Guarantee!)


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Live each day with Intention,

Jeffrey D. Allen


PS – Remember, this is powerful and impactful information that will transform and enhance your relationship in amazing ways. But you can't enjoy all the great information I have to share until you secure your copy now!


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