"Can One Short Presentation Really Open the Doorways of Communication and Enhance the Relationship Between Me and My Child? "

"Join Me In This Informative and Entertaining Presentation As I Walk You Through The Developmental Stages of Your Child's Personality and Teach You Methods Specific to His or Her Personality That Will Eliminate Contention, Relieve Stress, and Bring Peace in the Home."

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Dear Parent, Step-parent, or Grandparent:

Parenting is a dynamic process that adapts with age, and changes with each child. Every child has his or her own unique way of discovering life and interpreting the results of their experience; likewise, you as a parent have your own unique hopes, dreams, and expectations of who you feel your child should be.

With so many differences from child to child and parent to parent, it is easy to see that no two parent-child relationships are the same.

With one child you are trying to desperately bridle his wily and energetic ways while with the next child you are working to help her “break out of her shell".

…and every parent will approach these situations in completely different ways.

Which is the best way??

Which is the right way??

It all depends on the Parent-Child dynamics and
the personality differences between them.

The best part is, these personality differences between the parent and the child can be easily defined …and optimized for clear and effective communication!

Here are the basic ground rules:

  • Understand your personality, what your expectations are, and how you were influenced by your own parents.
  • Understand your child’s personality and what their deepest emotional needs are.
  • Understand the development stages your child is going through so you can foster their growth and help them live a confident and successful life.


Take the guess work out of knowing what to do next with your child’s
attitude changes and behavioral swings.

Quickly identify and understand what your child is looking for (emotionally) and easily meet his or her needs...without threats and confrontation …or letting them “get away with murder”.

Get to know the personality and development stage of your child:

  • What attention does your child need during each development phase?
  • Know what stage your child is in a hypnotic state of learning …and what programs he or she is subconsciously learning.
  • At what stage does your child’s Conscious brain begin to ‘turn on’, and how do they make decisions prior to that?
  • Learn how your personality best relates to your child’s personality.
  • How do you motivate your child to do homework, complete chores, and help around the house
  • Help your child learn to release their frustrations through emotional hygiene -  something you should be doing consistently too!
  • Effective use of reward and discipline based on personality
  • And much more… including Parenting's Ultimate Secret.

All this empowering information is available to you through, "The Ultimate Guide to Raising Children ". This will be the most powerful 60 minutes in enhancing the relationship between you and your kid(s).

Trust me, you'll want to keep this program as a resource to reference back to time and time again as your child grows older.

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