Overcoming Fear: Living Life With Passion

Overcoming Fear

Overcoming Fear

Fear is one of the world’s greatest emotions to deal with. It is also one of the hardest to overcome. Fear is a tool that can keep us safe but also an emotion that can hold us back from success or happiness. Fear is commonly that emotion that causes us not to speak up or be heard, to not respond in a time of need, and more importantly to not take action on something that would ultimately benefit us.

I have been coaching people my whole life at one level or another and when I started helping people for an income my life started taking on a whole new meaning. I really started to see the inner workings of humanity. Those inner quirks that don’t seem to make sense at a conscious level but are still playing out in a way that are creating consistent challenging outcomes.

When fear is the dominate motivator the emotion of love or real passion can never run the show. And the feeling of passion is so powerful, like you love football, you love good music, or you love your children.

When passion is involved, as seen in loving something or someone, fear is very rarely present. In fact fear is the absence of love. When passion takes over the fear leaves.

The process of overcoming fear is an interesting one because it takes a strong desire to take a look at the real you. The real person on the inside to determine what you are truly passionate about.

Let me give you an example; I have coached people that were looking for work and they felt fear of the possible rejection, fear of the interview and fear to simple ask if a company is hiring.

But if you were to ask that same person to plan a trip to Las Vegas for a family of four and they would get the trip for free – as you can see the passion would come up and no fear would be present. They would start the research and compare the prices, book the flights, rooms, and entertainment.

If you used the same energy of passion or love to get the job it would go quite well. You would be able to talk to a lot of individuals in a short amount of time; your data base of people that knew you were looking for a job would grow quickly.

You would interview with excitement and in a short amount of time find the perfect job.

Those that ask the most always get the most and when you are asking with passion you always get what you ask for. Not only does the listener hear you better but you will be willing to ask more often.

Those that ask out of fear will be rejected and shunned, causing them to shrink to a greater depth of fear.

What you see is what you get and those that look with passion always get love in return and those that look with fear get more in return.

Overcoming fear is a process of knowing who you are and applying that into a life strategy that fit who you are like a glove.

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Jeff D. Allen

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