Finding Your Life Purpose: Creating Passion In Life

Finding Your Life Purpose

Finding Your Life Purpose

As I was thinking about my first client of the day today I thought about how exciting it is to have someone find their life purpose and how they spend their life energy to accomplish their ultimate desire.

That inner peace that comes when a person finds that inner truth. That inner truth that helps them find their greatest joy and more importantly how to live life in a way that consistent passion comes out.

It truly is about the passion of life that creates success. But if the passion or love of life is dim then our effort will also be dim. Many people give an extra push to accomplish success but many times the effort is short lived because the passion dies out or becomes hopeless.

If you have tried your best to accomplish greatness and find yourself coming up short or wanting more then you received; you are not alone. In fact most research says the vast majority of people are not completely happy with their lives.

And then there are many people that haven’t even tried to accomplish greatness because of the fear that dwells deep inside like an unquenchable fire that is always consuming our ability to accomplish greatness.

One of the largest road blocks to success is the ability to ask for what you want, the truth is those that ask the most always get the most – and if you are not asking for more then you are probable getting less than you want.

Many of us are taught as a child not to ask for the candy bar and the new toy. We are told that people who have anything they want are spoiled and greedy people. Now isn’t that an interesting thought.

Remember “what you think is what you get.” And if you think you don’t deserve a new toy then you won’t ask for one. What about a new house or a new car. May I suggest that those that have more only learned how to ask for more?

Let me give you an example; you might have been told go to work, work hard and you will then deserve that new car. But the funny thing about that is – what is working hard? Is working hard at $7.00 per hour or $ 500.00 per hour? Is working hard making a phone call that makes $1,000,000 dollars or do you need to use a shovel digging for gold to make $1,000,000?

As you can see to be spoiled is a state of thinking that says people that learn how to make money with ease or have nice things are spoiled. But I think in reality those that are over worked to make a living are spoiled. They work unbearable hours then wonder where their health goes and why they are always grumpy.

To get unspoiled and back in passion with life takes work and commitment because the human’s path of least resistance is commonly doing what they have always done and getting recurring spoiled results.

Remember without knowing your purpose – fear will be your dominate motivator. But if you want the joy and passion of life – then find and live your purpose well.

Look I know it can be hard to get on your path of passion but until you start your journey to find your path you will continue to be spoiled in your life. Life with passion requires being on you purpose of life.

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Jeff Allen

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