Life Lessons: The Secret Law of Attraction

On my way to the office this morning I noticed the freshness of the world that the cool rain brought.

This is not just another standard day at the office, like you might think; this is another day that excites the passion in my life.

I think most people might know that passion or have experienced the feeling. The passion that is really hard to describe to others. It is simply hard to put into words.

It might be like Christmas morning to children, or might feel like winning the coveted award in your field or even that first real kiss of love.

It is the underling feeling of excitement that makes life worth living. That spark, that mojo, that is rich and real.

Today I am helping one more person out of 1000′s discover their meaning in life. What their personal purpose is and how to take advantage of their personal gifts to experience the rich reward of manifesting fair exchange. Their Life Strategy.

My client today exposed some of the purest insight to the real value of how the brain interfaces with intention. I have only been coaching him for 2 hours a day for 5 days and this is what he has created in his life…

We are at an exciting part of a 10 step personalized reprogramming process that I developed. It is exciting because he manifested $100,000 cash to invest into his personal dream business just yesterday.

He has been working on this big break for several years but due to his counter intention he was not able to accomplish his vision.

He had a vision board, a journal, and attended most of the trainings available that teach how to manifest. He talked a lot aboutedu-tainment or participating in classes or activities that keep you entertained all day and give you basic life skills but in the end never really teach you how to reprogram your brain. And without that you cannot change your life.

He had a below conscious belief or program running in his life that kept the money away.

You might be in the same trap…
You have done all the ground work by using every tool you can find to take advantage of your full potential. You might be in the same place as my client was last week, expecting a marvelous manifestation to come up to you and give you a hug.

You see, the magic of manifesting what you want is to know – What You See Is What You Get – at an emotional level. It is truly how you feel about a vision that creates the result. And to consistently create results requires you to have the ability to emotionally see who you need or what your are going to exchange to advance your cause.

It is never is about the “how” to accomplish your goal when it comes to manifesting what you desire. It is all about who do you need to exchange with and what you have for what they want.

To my client’s amazement, when he found the underling program that had been holding him back, a person, almost out of the blue, arrived and offered him the money he needed.

The main thing to take away from this post is this…
My client thought he had his intentions clear but based on results it was his inner thoughts of the process of life that kept getting in the way.

You see one of the greatest components of manifesting an abundant life strategy is to first feel safe, to be without fear. Because that is always required before trust can come to the innate being, and with pure trust the mind becomes a machine that can manifest your passion consistently.

My client’s next hurdle is to move through his forgiveness process to overcome the negative energy he has towards his father, who is also his business partner.

He is also developing a clear picture of how to create trust in his personal relationship with his wife because she has been outside his relationship standards.

To your quest in manifesting your ultimate goal,
Your Life Strategist Coach Jeff Allen

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  • ekuiressa Says:

    love your website, can you show me where to find information on law of attraction? thank you.

  • Leona Says:

    Im a big fan previously, man. Youve accomplished a amazing job producing certain that folks comprehend where youre coming from. And let me inform you, I get it. Great material and I cant wait to study more of one’s blogs. What youve was given to express is critical and requirements to be understand.

  • espofol Says:

    “It is exciting because he manifested $100,000 cash to invest into his personal dream business just yesterday.”
    Are you sure that this is so?

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