Left Brain, Right Brain, And The Political Parties

Are you an Obama fan or did you vote for the McCain-Palin ticket?

Republicans are Red and Democrats are Blue

Republicans are Red and Democrats are Blue

More than likely, the side you voted for represents your point of view because your thinking styles are more likely the same. Or in other words your thinking style is determined by your dominant side of the brain.

The right side of the brain controls the left side of your body and vis-versa. The more your brain dominates on the right the farther to the left your point of view is.

And on the flip side, the more the left brain is the dominate part of your thinking style the more to the right you will be.

Now back to politics. It is funny how facts are more often then not more humorous than fiction.

To start with – isn’t it interesting that the red party or the Republican Party has mostly right brain logic? Steady as she goes and to the victor goes the spoils.

And the Democratic Party or blue party has a right brain logic that is inclusive and represents they work for the underprivileged.

Conservative, left brain politicians seem to be a dinosaur to the liberal right brain thinker. And the liberal right brain politicians seem to be socialists to the conservative left brain Republican.

President elect Obama is truly a great orator that combines great pauses and earnest facial expression in every sound bite; but in reality he is simply a right brain person.

His talent is commonly seen in the right brain person. Most actors seem liberal because they think with their right brain. Because they think with their right brain they will mostly be able to act and feel a liberal point of view.

The left brain McCain is direct and punchy in his presentation, he has the ability to strike a hard look and a real world maverick.

Left brain people genuinely have a harder time being able to speak off the cuff while a right brain person thinks better while talking.

The humor is in the fact that the Republican Party is the red color and the Democrats are the blue party. This is a very accurate presentation of a red personality and a blue personality using the Identity Profile.

All the way back to ancient time red represents fire and blue represents water. Water and fire are opposite. The fire is hot and direct while the water is more nurturing and able to take any shape needed for the container.

And in the end if we did not have both personalities represented we really would be in a pickle that happens to be green but I will save that personality for another conversation.

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