Are You A Victim Of Your Brain’s Eating Habits?

You Are What You Eat

You Are What You Eat

I am a research nut.

When it comes to understanding the mystery of the human being or anything related to having a better experience called life, I find myself spending hours and sometimes days lost in reading or talking to experts.

One of the truths that have become evident to me is that if you don’t feel good physically it is hard to do good mentally. I’m sure you have been there… You go on vacation, drive for days to get to the happiest place on earth and eat nothing but junk food.

You wake up with the desire to have the best day of your life. But then after a few minutes the dark cloud comes over your head and you become a total thunder cloud of ornery.

But in reality who is really driving the thought at that specific time, who is the person behind the eyes. And at that exact time you are loosing it, you can say the voices made me do it.

I’m sure you have heard the phrase “you are what you eat,” may I suggest that negative food is truly a body snatcher.

I say this because food truly takes over the brain, in fact virtually all food cravings are your brain looking for the nutrition it needs. If you have a physically demanding day your body will require a lot of good nutritious food. But like most your brain is the organ that has the greatest control on intake to keep it operating at peak efficiency. Even at the sacrifice of the body.

You are what you eat has a whole new meaning.

Do you think like a Twinkie or a Ho-Ho? Does you brain need a pot of coffee to work because of the dozen doughnuts you ate?

Feed the brain clean food to begin with and the rest of the body will keep up with proper health.

But the real catch to eating healthy is to understand that the only time we put negative food in our mouth is when we are having negative thoughts. Lets say you are feeling a little down, you stop by the store to get a few things and low and behold you leave the store with the donuts, candy bars, and possibly that half gallon of ice cream just in case.

The negative thoughts are where all addiction comes from. In time the negative thought has a mind of its own and becomes the voice in your head that can only be quieted with one more hit of what ever your addiction is.

All the way from ice cream to alcohol the brain finds comfort to drive the negative thoughts from your head and dulling it with over indulgence.

So better stated you are what you think you are. Thought is the foundation to change and until new thought is accomplished we will always accept old ways of living.

Entering any method of life changing process is to change your thought into a new vision of results because what you see is what you get in living color every time.

Your life strategist Jeff D. Allen

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